Saturday, August 9, 2014

The 80's: Fashion x @CamStizzy

So, I took a small break from my series on the 1980's, but now I'm back (this is for you Mase).

 Today's post is on 1980's fashion, as you can tell by the title. I had to let my brother Cam get this one, figured he'd love this. I was right! Sit up and read what he had to say on the decade of fashion that we all have yet to put to rest. Be sure to check out his blog right here.

80’s fashion was like nothing the world had ever seen. The best way to describe 80’s fashion is…basically 70’s fashion on LSD (not that I know what being on LSD is like, haha). Whoever had loudest and brightest outfit led the pack. If Denise Huxtable was your idol and you followed her dress code, yeah you were cool. Long story short: the 80’s was a very unique time for fashion.

The 80’s was the era of denim. Shirts. Jackets. Jeans. Tight jeans at that. Both men and women. And no, jeans weren’t skinny; they were just tight. In the 80’s, jeans simply FIT. Denim brands like Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Jordache, and Ralph Lauren made a killing during the time because everyone wanted their products. Oh yeah, you know how y’all like acid wash denim? You thought you were different and creative because of that, right? Nah, your parents, uncles, and aunts were doing it in the 80’s before you were even a thought.

The 80’s was also the era of prep. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Izod, Lacoste, J. Crew, Hilfiger, Osh Kosh B’Gosh (for the kiddies), and Nautica made millions and cemented their places among the American fashion elite during this time. Huge sweaters, loud button downs, chinos, plaid skirts, overalls, neon colored blazers; they wanted it all. If it looked like a required piece to get into a country club (or the complete opposite), people wanted it.


How can I forget?! Windbreakers were everything in the 80’s. Nike, Nautica, Polo, Adidas, Puma, you name it. Oh, don’t forget MEMBERS ONLY! If you were an athletic or semi preppy brand, you tried your hand at making windbreakers. Usually bright colors at that. They were a staple in the 80’s and have remained a staple in American and European fashion for the last 30 years. Regardless of how many tried, Nike, Members Only, and Ralph Lauren led the pack.


With the 80’s, came the birth of sneaker culture. Sure, there were Nikes, Converses, Pumas, etc. But until the 80’s did people really begin to care what was on their feet. In 1982, arguably the most popular and greatest sneaker of all time first released and started this craze: the Nike Air Force One.

Just two years later, Nike struck gold again when they were able to sign a young 21 year old rookie by the name of Michael Jordan. They wasted no time in releasing Jordan’s signature, the Nike Air Jordan 1, the next year in 1985.

Nike wasn’t the only company making serious noise during the decade. Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Pony, and especially Converse were extremely popular. You know, those brands y’all hypebeasts don’t like? Haha, let me chill before someone catches feelings. Seriously though, the sneaker landscape was extremely broad back then. Way more broad and diverse than it is today.

Like I said before, the 80’s was a very unique time for fashion. I firmly believe that fashion will always come full circle, and 80’s fashion has come full circle at this time. From loud outfits, to jogger pants, skinny denim, preppy clothes, etc, it’s all extremely popular today. You can’t tell me that that isn’t a direct lineage from the fashion culture of the 80’s. I will never understand why Generation X (those born from the early 1960’s-80’s. i.e., our parents) talks down and criticized the fashion choices of Generation Y. It’s not like they didn’t do the same thing 30 years ago, haha.

I will always love 80’s fashion. It’s probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite era of American fashion. I must have some for it as I’m writing a 606 word (and still counting) article on it. I’m sure you can feel my passion through my words, haha.

That’s all for 80’s fashion. I’m sure Sims will finish this series strong, as the posts he’s already wrote are stupid dope (a little 80’s hip hop slang for ya; S/O EPMD, Chuck D, and Eric B & Rakim, hahaha).

Much love.